Valentina’s Journey

Back in the 1800’s, performers became well known based on their excellence, and on word of mouth referrals by people. Even young Mozart was dragged around all over the world by his father to show the world his son’s genius.

Today we have the assistance of the Internet, recordings, DVD’s and facilities such as YouTube. Clearly the degree of exposure that an artist can obtain is astronomical.

Valentina Lisitsa is a remarkable pianist, with consistent YouTube video views reaching over 90 million total and with almost 200,000 subscribers.

For Alexander Scriabin’s 100th anniversary in 2015 , Valentina Lisitsa explores his lesser-known works and finds some beautiful gems. Across a carefully selected range of works for piano, this album showcases Scriabin’s compositions through his lifetime.


Pianist Valentina Lisitsa is a wonderful artist with exceptional musicality and a stunning technique. She has recorded music by Beethoven, Lizst, and Rachmaninov, as well as pieces by Glass and Nyman.

Here is the interesting Sonata-Fantasy number 2, Op. 19 by Scriabin:



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