Nicholas Angelich Performs

Nicholas Angelich plays Brahms

I love the piano music of Brahms! That includes the music for piano with orchestra (he composed two piano concerti), and also so much wonderful music that he composed for solo piano. Johannes Brahms was an outstanding pianist in his time.

He concertized extensively, performing music for piano solo, and also for violin and piano all over Europe with the world renowned violinist Joseph Joachim. As such, I am always interested when new piano performers emerge whom I am hearing for the first time. In this recording, we get both piano solo works of Brahms, as well as his concerto #2 in B-flat major for piano and orchestra. The solo works are the Klavierstücke Op.76


All eight of these Klavierstucke are among Brahms’ most wonderful and romantic solo works. The piano sound is outstanding, and Nicholas Angelich delivers a performance that is lyrical and full of feeling.

Even though a lot of older pianists like Horowitz have died, and others like Alfred Brendel have retired, I still hear some of the established experts such as Argerich, Kissin, and Pletnev, and I admire their marvelous performances. Yet the new group of pianists (including many reviewed at this Blog) have shown me great promise.

Angelich plays very musically, and he handles the difficult finale very well, sounding light and rhythmic without tripping over Brahms’ extensive thematic ideas. Conductor Jarvi is particularly capable in the Finale, assuring that this movement sounds convincing, passionate, and exciting.

Here is a video of Nicholas Angelich playing the Brahms concerto #2:  


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