Avner Dorman’s Music

Examples of outstanding creativity always get my attention. And while this CD is not new, I am just becoming more familiar with the music of composer Avner Dorman, so it is relevant…


Avner Dorman is an Israeli composer who completed his studies at the Juilliard School, and he now lives in Los Angeles. He writes his music with modernist harmonies; and the influences of jazz, pop and Indian music often crop up as well. Consistent styles are the vigor of his writing and the virtuosity it demands of its interpreters.

Baroque music has been another fascination of Mr. Dorman’s:  The four concertos here were composed between 1995 and 2006, Mr. Dorman lets his Baroque influence run wild. The works are concise three-movement forms in the standard configuration, but he has not entirely removed the rhythmic complexities that drive his other works.

Here is the Mandolin concerto by Avner Dorman, with soloist Avi Avital:



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