Brahms Sonatas for Viola

I have always loved the sound of the viola.  In my next life, I will study both of these instruments…

Brahms was a well-known pianist in his time. He was also a Choral conductor early in his career, and much later he turned his attention to composing chamber music, symphonies and concerti. He wrote 4 symphonies, 2 piano concerti, and lot of sonatas and chamber music. He also composed the German Requiem, in memory of his mother…


The 2 viola sonatas are my great favorites. And in these compositions the piano has a strong role, rather than being seen as strictly an accompanying instrument for the viola. Mr. Zukerman, the violist, produces a wonderful, musical, and very flowing interpretation of these sonatas. Mr. Barenboim is right there with him, presenting Brahms’ typically complex, interesting, and challenging part for the piano.

These compositions are sometimes performed by clarinet and piano. Listen to this combination of instruments, then try the Clarinet and piano (different CD), and decide which you prefer. The music is the same: A marvelous example of Brahms’ genius.

Here is the music:

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