Chopin by Ingrid Fliter

Ingrid Fliter performs: Chopin

I have been reviewing many exciting pianists recently.  And Ingrid Fliter certainly seems to belong to the group from whom we likely will hear a lot more.

As a winner of the prestigious Gilmore Award, she certainly qualifies as a major musician in the making.

In this recording Ms. Fliter makes Chopin sound new and fresh.  She occasionally applies a strong attack in these pieces, and I admire her original interpretations.

My own sense is that there’s always a danger of some degree of boredom in hearing all of Chopin’s waltzes at one sitting. Other pianists may have chosen to interpose a different composer’s work, as a break. However, Ms Fliter does as much as possible to contrast each waltz with the ones before it. Still, even a Mazurka or a Ballade may have been a good contrast…

Bottom line: I especially enjoyed Ingrid Fliter’s passion that she’s able to bring to this music. This is a fine performance by a thoughtful and capable Chopin interpreter.

Here is a 5-minute video of Fliter talking about, and playing the Chopin waltzes:

And here she is again, this time in the second movement of Chopin’s Piano Concerto #2:

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