Pierre Boulez Conducts Schoenberg

On this CD we get to listen to the following:

  • Suite for septet in E flat major, Op. 29
  • Verklarte Nacht, for string sextet, Op. 4
  • The Little Pieces (3) for chamber orchestra (No.3 unfinished)

This is a wonderful recording, under the leadership of Pierre Boulez.


Schoenberg’s work for winds, and also with other instruments, always presents the best showing of the nature of his serial music, without the classical appeal of melody and traditional harmony. His Suite for septet is amazing Schoenberg and is not to be missed.

About Arnold Schoenberg’s “Transfigured Night”, all words are inadequate; it is an amazing masterwork, especially in the original version, for string sextet. I love the dark, especially the lush sounds of the Violas and the Cellos!

Here is the music from Schoenberg’s Transfigured Night:

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