What an Opportunity!

Creative teaching ideas are so exciting! And when a young person is able to participate, that turns into a life-changing experience.

Ten students from Santa Barbara’s Music Academy of the West are coming to the New York Philharmonic for the period January 2–12 for the New York Philharmonic Global Academy Fellowship Program, an immersion in all aspects of an orchestral player’s life, from audition to performance.

These students are the second group of Zarin Mehta Fellows from Music Academy of the West, a partner in the New York Philharmonic Global Academy.

They’ll take lessons from, rehearse with, and shadow Philharmonic musicians, rehearse and perform in a private chamber concert at The Morgan Library & Museum, take mock auditions, and join Philharmonic Teaching Artists at schools in Queens and the Bronx.

Reflect for a moment on the contacts that these students will create. And the potential outcome of this experience in their later lives. The NY Philharmonic should be congratulated on this.


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