Clelia Iruzun Plays Mompou

I first learned the music of Federico Mompou when I was a radio broadcaster. I occasionally needed shorter pieces of music to fill a period of 55 minutes, after a longer selection was programmed. As such, the music of Mompou was not only enjoyable to hear, but also quite short in duration

On this recording we hear the Piano Solo Vol. 2 by Federico Mompou, as performed by pianist Clelia Iruzun.


Cancion y danza No. 7
Cancion y danza No. 8
Cancion y danza No. 9
Cancion i danza No. 10
Cancion i danza No. 11
Cancion i danza No. 12
Cancion i danza No. 14
Scenes d’enfants
Musica Callada
Fantasia sobre ‘Au clair de lune’
Glossa sobre ‘Au clair de lune’
Cradle Song
El pont de Montjuïc
Thème & 3 Variations

As a follow-up to the successful and very well received first volume of piano music by Federico Mompou, Volume 2 continues with another thirty tracks of hauntingly beautiful and memorable music by this unique Spanish composer and pianist, who died in 1987 aged 94.

London-based pianist Clélia Iruzun is one of the most exciting musicians to emerge onto the international scene in recent years. Clélia has won major prizes in her native Brazil and in international competitions such as the Santander and Zaragoza in Spain. 

Here is Federico Mompou’s Cancion i Danza number 6, as performed by Clelia Iruzun:


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