Hilary Hahn’s Magic

Violinist Hilary Hahn came to the concert stage about 10-15 years ago, when she was still a young woman; It was clear way back then that she would become a major performer.

Ms. Hahn is an amazing violinist, and actually a wonderful communicator verbally, as well. I recall a recent concert in which she talked extensively from the stage, and her comments made the entire performance so much more meaningful.

One of the great assets that Ms. Hahn has is her strong training with one of the all-time great teachers: Mr. Jascha Brodsky. I suspect that it was from him that she learned the outstanding interpretation of the music of Johann Sebastian Bach.


Bach composed a set of solo sonatas and Partitas to be played by the violin alone, without accompaniment. These are extremely difficult to perform, and Ms. Hahn has created her own hallmark as an interpreter of Bach’s music.

She plays flawlessly, with wonderful phrasing, and gliding easily past the most treacherous spots that only other violinists can identify. On top of all else, Ms. Hahn is also a rare person when you meet her: Friendly, outgoing, helpful, patient, and gracious.

Here’s an extract of Hilary Hahn playing The Chaconne by Bach:


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