“New York Corner” — by Edward Hopper

It is exciting to see a painting by an American painter, whose work commands prices of millions of Dollars.

On Wednesday, January 13th, I saw a recent acquisition by Stanford University’s Cantor Arts Center of the painting “New York Corner” by Edward Hopper.


I stood there and stared at this painting for a while. After learning the beginning skills of a watercolor painting for the past 15 years, I noticed something: On the right hand lower part of the painting are some prominent white and red marks, right next to darkest black marks. My eye was immediately attracted there…

But wait, on the left-hand side there was another small white mark, next to the figure in black. Now my eye began to “ping-pong” between these two areas.

Oh, you’d like to know the price that Stanford paid? While I do not know, some of the other paintings by Hopper have sold for $20-40 million…

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