Happy Birthday, Jascha….

Jascha Heifetz was born on February 2, 1901. There is no doubt that he was one of the major musicians of the past 100 years. Having said that, music interpretation is always a matter of personal taste.

As an example, when it comes to the music of Bach, I would much rather hear Nathan Milstein. But when I want to hear the Beethoven Violin Concerto, my taste prefers the amazing interpretation by Jascha Heifetz.


On occasion I find his playing somewhat stiff, because he seemed to be totally committed to one singular way of interpretation. For my enjoyment, music needs to be true to a certain style. Mozart must be played with lightness, humor, and not too academically. And Fritz Kreisler’s music demands a level of elegance that is not appropriate to Sibelius.

In the end, we remember Mr. Heifetz today for the impact he made on bringing his music to the public for so many years of great enjoyment.

Here is Jascha Heifetz playing a section from the Scottish Fantasy by Max Bruch:

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