Janine Jansen plays Brahms

I have been a fan of violinist Janine Jansen for many years. It seems that she has recorded all the obvious violin works. She has also appeared on many of the world’s best known stages.

Beyond her sound and her sensitive adherence to strong rhythm markings, Ms. Jansen creates an atmosphere or excitement and passion.


On this CD, together with conductor Antonio Pappano, Janine Jansen couples one of the best-loved violin concertos ever written, the Brahms violin concerto, with Bartok’s first violin concerto, a moving work with a passionate narrative.

Actually, Ms. Jansen’s recording of the Brahms is also featured in the soundtrack to the major Dutch film – Public Works – (Publike Werken), released December 10, 2015. The film of a best-selling novel by Thomas Rosenboom, the story follows an Amsterdam violin-maker and his country pharmacist nephew in a tightly-composed historical drama.

Here is the Brahms violin concerto as played by Janine Jansen:





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