Yehudi Menuhin was born 100 years ago

When Yehudi Menuhin’s mother, Marutha, was trying to lactate an apartment for  herself and her husband in April, 1916, she encountered landlords in New York City who would not rent apartments to Jews. And this was in the United States of America, and not in Europe…

Out of a sense of anger, and from her own disappointment and frustration, she decided to name her son “Yehudi”, which means “JEW” in Hebrew. As such, she wanted everyone to know that her son is Jewish, no mater what he accomplishes later in his life.


After a while, the family relocated to San Francisco, where Yehudi began his violin lessons.

When I got married in 1961, my wife and I celebrated our Honeymoon in San Francisco, and we were fortunate to attend a concert by Mr. Menuhin. He performed the violin concerto by Beethoven, with the San Francisco Symphony.

Here is Yehudi Menuhin playing the Concerto for violin Op. 61 by Beethoven. May he rest in Peace.

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