Zukerman Plays Brahms’ Double Concerto

The concerto for violin and Cello by Johannes Brahms has been a favorite of mine since 1951, when I was an orchestra member, and we performed this piece. There is no better way to learn the music than by repeatedly rehearsing and performing it.

On this CD we get to listen to the following:

  • Brahms: Double Concerto and Symphony No. 4

Performed by Pinchas Zukerman (violin), and Amanda Forsyth (cello)
with Canada’s National Arts Centre Orchestra, Pinchas Zukerman conducting.


Canada’s National Arts Centre Orchestra gives more than 100 concerts a year with internationally renowned artists, and is distinguished for the passion and clarity of its performances on stage and on disc.

Pinchas Zukerman has an extensive discography which contains over 100 titles.

Amanda Forsyth plays a rare Italian cello made in 1699 by Carlo Giuseppe Testore.

The Concerto in A minor for Violin and Cello, Op. 102 is the last purely orchestral composition by Brahms; it was written in 1887, ten years before his death. Although the work remains the least played of Brahms’ four concertos, it is, through its prodigious power, its signature Brahmsian melodies and its sublime phrasing, one of his greatest achievements.


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