May 30, Concert in Vienna

The Ottensamer family is featured prominently in Vienna music circles. At the very least, the father and his two sons, who play clarinet, are members of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

Here is the program for the May 30 concert:

Glaserner Saal / Magna Auditorium, Vienna, Austria

(Glass Hall of the Musikverein) in

Daniel Ottensamer • Christoph Traxler
Monday, 30. May 2016 at 8:00 PM



Chouchane Siranossian, Violin
Astrig Siranossian, Violoncello
Daniel Ottensamer, Klarinette
Christoph Traxler, piano


Igor Strawinsky

  • L’Histoire du Soldat. Suite für Violine, Clarinet and piano

Aram Kachturian

  • Trio für Klarinette, Violine and piano

Olivier Messiaen

  • Quartet for the end of Time.

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