Playlist: Scenes from Nature

Composers have frequently found their inspiration to write great music based on having experienced a variety of scenes in Nature.

For some it was the Vienna Forrest; for others, it was a stream or a lake. Yet other composers wanted to use music to paint their experience of a majestic river.


Ludwig van Beethoven composed his Symphony number 6 which was devoted to many scenes: A storm, country folk dancing outdoors, and more.

I have a playlist for you with some examples:

  • Gustav Mahler, in his Symphony #4, paints for us a scene from a meadow, where cows are grazing and the Bells around their necks are gently clanging sound.
  • Richard Strauss created his “Alpensinfonie” to describe an ascent into a very high mountain in the Alps.
  • Smetana described in a Tone Poem his experience of the Czech river, the Moldau.
  • And Franz Schubert watched a fisherman, as he disturbed the beauty of a mountain stream by capturing a trout in the stream’s murky waters.

Here is my playlist for you that I call “Scenes from Nature”

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