Tasmin Little Plays Sonatas

This new CD features a collection of violin sonatas by British composers as performed by Violinist Tasmin Little.


British Violin Sonatas, Volume 2

Sonata for Piano and Violin

Sonata for Violin & Piano

Violin Sonata No. 1 in D minor

Lloyd Webber, W:
The Gardens at Eastwell

Vaughan Williams:
Romance & Pastorale for violin & piano

Performed by Tasmin Little (violin) and Piers Lane (piano).

The atmosphere established by this collection of violin sonatas is best described by the violinist herself:

‘Now that the disc is complete, the shape of it feels very right and I love the combination of these works – opening with exuberance, and continuing with drama, wistful lines, folk elements, and romance. I always take into account the key structure when planning a disc of varied works, and the way that I have planned this disc gives me one of my favourite moments: the ‘Pastorale’ by Vaughan Williams dies away in the key of E minor, after which our disc segues seamlessly into the E minor introduction to William Lloyd Webber’s piece, which in its turn blossoms into E major as the violin line makes its entrance.

It is a beautiful transition which I hope you will enjoy as much as I do. Both Piers and I would like to dedicate our recording of this lovely little gem by William Lloyd Webber [a premiere recording] to our great friend Jan Robinson.’

Here is Tasmin Little, performing a section of the Elgar violin concerto:


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