Rediscovering Mozart’s Great E-Flat Concerto

Over the past several days I have been studying and listening again to the amazing piano concerto KV 482 by Mozart. It carries the number 22, and I am totally thrilled with it again. I watched the DVD by Andras Schiff that also includes the piano concerto number 1 by Beethoven, and the Schubert Symphony #5.

Mozart was working on his opera Le Nozze Di Figaro at the time that this concerto was written. And I can hear music that is very much related to opera in this masterpiece.


This is one of three piano concerto in which Mozart uses clarinets, and they get to play some prominent solos in this piece. On occasion one feels like this is a piece for piano and winds.

I will attempt to locate the video that is helping me in my “rediscovery”. Look and see how totally engaged and involved the orchestra members are  in their respective playing. Not just the section principals, but virtually every person has her/his body synchronized with this astounding music.

As it turned out, I was unable to locate the performance I was seeking. But I have for you pianist Rudolf Buchbinder as soloist and conductor of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. A world-class group, right?


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