Delightful Beethoven Trios

Some of the earliest music by Beethoven that was published when he was a young man making his mark in Vienna represented compositions for piano, violin and cello. Several of these carry Opus numbers such as 11, 02, and Opus 1.

The new recording that I share with you today includes some of these works. Here are the details:


Beethoven: Piano Trios Vol. 3


Piano Trio No. 2 in G major, Op. 1 No. 2

Piano Trio No. 6 in E flat Major, Op. 70 No. 2

Piano Trio No. 9 in B flat major, WoO 39

Performed by the TrioVanBeethoven

The TrioVanBeethoven once more plays tribute to their name with the release of the third volume of Beethoven’s complete works for piano trio. With uncompromising precision and their acclaimed fresh interpretation Verena Stourzh, violin, Clemens Zeilinger, piano and Franz Ortner, cello commence this volume with the Trio No.2 in G major Op.1/2, which despite its numbering is by no means Beethoven’s first work, but rather already points to the upcoming era of early  romanticism with many of its structural elements.

The Trio in E flat major Op.70/2 is characterized by equal treatment of the three instruments, which is so typical of Beethoven and upon which the well developed thematical work is based.

The lesser-known Allegretto movement WoO 39 is dedicated to the then 10-year-old Maximiliane Brentano “to encourage her in piano playing”, which is the reason for its relative simplicity.

Here is the Piano trio Opus 1 number 2 by Beethoven:

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