Helene Grimaud Plays for Us

Earlier today I listened to pianist Helene Grimaud performs the first movement of the Beethoven Moonlight sonata. I have always been very demanding of how this piece is interpreted, because so many pianists fail to perform it in a true Legato style. Many pianists shorten the second note of the famous melody, rendering the music to be unstable, and with incorrect rhythm.

Ms. Grimaud’s playing was flawless and very satisfying. So… I have for you today more music performed by Helen Grimaud:


Hélène Grimaud: Résonances

Romanian Folk Dances for piano, Sz. 56, BB 68

Piano Sonata, Op. 1

Piano Sonata in B minor, S178

Piano Sonata No. 8 in A minor, K310

All performed by Hélène Grimaud (piano)

On this CD, Hélène Grimaud presents a solo recital program, which she took on a world-wide tour.

The pianist has conceived of works spanning a wide range of emotions and styles, yet all linked by their origin in that singular musical line of succession: the great composers of the Austro-Hungarian empire. Her new album bears the title Résonance, reflecting Grimaud’s imaginative approach to this stimulating compilation of masterpieces.

Hélène Grimaud brings all her artistic maturity and a perfect balance between intellect and emotion to bear on highly dramatic sonatas by Mozart – the A minor K.310 – Liszt and Berg, leavened by Bartók’s irresistible Romanian Folk Dances.

Here is Ms. Grimaud in Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata:


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