Perahia Performs Bach

Bach, J S: French Suites Nos. 1-6, BWV812-817

Performed by Murray Perahia (piano)


Murray Perahia has always felt a great affinity with the music of Bach, having played some of his pieces since childhood and been powerfully influenced by a performance he attended at the age of fifteen of the St Matthew Passion conducted by Pablo Casals.

He also found solace in studying the composer on a daily basis during a period in which illness prevented him from playing. He sees the French Suites as “Bach on the highest level,” adding, “I don’t think Bach wrote one note that didn’t have wider meanings and that wasn’t to be tackled with all one’s heart and soul.”

Perahia’s recording revels in the music’s diverse moods, from melancholy tenderness to out-and-out joy, and brings out every nuance of its elegant phrasing and expressive dance rhythms.

Gramophone Magazine wrote  recently:

“As we expect from Perahia, everything sounds natural and inevitable. Ego doesn’t come into it: rather, he acts as a conduit between composer and audience with a purity that few can emulate…I’ve only had this recording for five days but I predict a long and happy future in its company.”

Here is Mr. Perahia in the French Suite number 4 by Bach:


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