Janine Jansen’s Heritage

Janine Jansen is clearly a product of her environment in that she
comes from a musical family:

Her father is an organist and harpsichord player (as is one of her brothers), her mother is a singer, and another brother plays the cello in a Dutch radio orchestra. Her uncle is the renowned bass Peter Kooy.


But that is just one important factor. Think about it: Having access to outstanding teachers is huge. And being willing to put in the work is an undeniable factor. Give some thought to the scpacrifices one must make to carve out the life as a traveling musician, giving concerts in China, in Europe, in South America, and more.

So I am her admirer. Yes she comes from an amazingly creative environment, but the achievements are her own.

Here is Ms. Jansen, playing the violin concerto by Johannes Brahms:

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