Mozart Clarinet Quintet

This recording has two large advantages for me: The clarinet Quintet is one of my great favorites, and the performers are the fine group called Quatuor Mosaiques. These are amazing artists!

We get to enjoy the following:

Mozart: Clarinet Quintet K581 and the Kegelstatt Trio K498

Performed by Wolfgang Meyer (clarinet), with the Quatuor Mosaïques

The Clarinet Trio in E flat major, K498 “Kegelstatt-Trio”, performed by Wolfgang Meyer (clarinet), Anita Mitterer (viola) and Patrick Cohen (hammerflügel)

The Mosaïques Quartet trained with Nikolaus Harnoncourt and his Concentus Musicus, cultivating a taste and skills for authenticity.

Here, their mosaic stretches to the mellowness of the fortepiano and the basset clarinet, an instrument partly invented by Stadler.

Wolfgang Meyer expresses the light and dark facets of Mozart’s close clarinet playing friend, both as soloist and as trusted interpreter.

Here is the second movement from the Mozart Clarinet Qunitet:

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