James Levine Plays Schubert

You may have read these words of mine before:

There are times when a very old recording stands out as a performance  that has yet to be equaled. This recording was made in 1993, and it is still a champion!

The Trout Quintet by Schubert is based on Schubert’s song by the same name. The poet whose words Schubert set to music talks about a wonderful scene in Nature, where a fisherman has his rod in a stream.

Ultimately the fisherman gets tired of waiting, and the stream gets more cloudy and less clear. Suddenly a fish is seen at the end of the fishing line and the betrayed little fish danges on the line.

Later in Schubert’s life he arranged this music for string quartet and piano. James Levine is totally sublime as the lead instrument of this amazing composition.

Here is the fourth movement of this Quintet, in which Schubert created a theme and variations on the original song. Listen to this great music:

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