More Music from Violinist Esther Abrami

Several weeks ago I published a two-part interview with violinist Esther Abrami. She told us about her career, her beloved violin, and her upcoming performances in London.

Esther is serious about her Art and about her music. So here she is, playing a composition by none other than Nicolo Paganini. Normally we would expect this music to be filled with violinistic pyrotechnics, and very fast and exceedingly difficult passages. My surprise was that this piece is more about melody, warm tone, and mellow sound. Listen, and see what I mean:

Indeed, this music is beautifully played, and in Italian cantabile [kanˈtaːbile], an Italian word, means literally “singable” or “songlike”.

Listen and enjoy the song-like style of Niccolo Paganini, as performed by Esther Abrami.

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