Tasmin Little Performs Franck and more

Violinist Tasmin Little plays Franck, Szymanowski, and Fauré in a new recording:

Romance in B flat major for violin & piano, Op. 28

Franck, C:
Violin Sonata in A major


Violin Sonata in D minor, Op. 9

Romance in D major, Op. 23

Nocturne & Tarantella, Op. 28

Performed by Tasmin Little (violin) and Piers Lane (piano)

The excellent duo of Tasmin Little and Piers Lane returns with a unique recorded program at the centre of which stand the violin sonatas of Szymanowski and Cesar Franck.

Their expert musicianship reveals the intimacy and magic of these passionate, late romantic works. The album encompasses the folk – like yet technically demanding Romance, Violin Sonata, and Notturno e Tarantella by Szymanowski, here more inspired by the German and French romantic tradition than by his native Polish one, as well as Franck’s highly original Violin Sonata and Fauré’s Romance.

This CD follows a set of Schubert’s complete works for violin and piano, and also marks the eightieth anniversary of Szymanowski’s death.

Here is Tasmin Little playing the Beethoven Keutzer Sonata:


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