More About Esther Abrami

On February 7th and 15th this year, I published an interview with the delightful violinist, Esther Abrami, aa French violinist now living in London.

At that time I shared with you information about her training and her approaching concerts. Today, I am renewing my news about Esther in the form of some suggestions that she has put together about exciting developments on the subject of violin rosin.

The violin bow is made of horse hair. It turns out that this hair has to be covered with a sopacial agent called ‘Rosin’ in order to create the appropriate friction with the instrument’s string to produce the desired sound.

Like so many things, rosin has been in use for a really long time, and now there are some new developments about its effectiveness.

Have a look at Esther’s interesting video, below. And be patient! Later in the video you will be able to hear her play, and she sounds absolutely great!

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