Erik Satie on Guitar

Today I have for you more interesting and enjoyable music: The music of French composer Erik Satie, as arranged for guitar.

Satie: Gnossiennes, Gymnopedies and Parade


Six Gnossiennes
Españaña (from Croquis et Agaceries d’un Gros Bonhomme en bois)
Trois Gymnopédies
Je te veux
Passer (No. 2 from Pièces froides: Danses de travers)
Première pensée Rose & Croix
Pièces froides: Airs à faire fuir (3) II. Modestement [extract]

All tracks arr. for guitar

Performed by Sébastien Llinares (guitar)

Érik Satie is an interesting musical figure. On the one hand, his music is a dazzling look at a bygone era, nostalgic for a fantasized time, with its almost childlike sincerity and curiosity. On the other, it offers us a stark glance, turned towards the future, disrupting conformity with its clear, stripped-down lines.

Satie’s music does not seek to create a world within a world. Instead, it infiltrates each listener and alters her/his perception of reality. It is never subliminal. It is like social commentary: sometimes absurd or ironic, at other times tender or hypnotic.

These guitar transcriptions illuminate the world of Eric Satie’s music, in a delightful recording at the fingertips of Sébastien Llinares.

Here is Sébastien Llinares performing the music by Satie:

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