Christian Gerhaher Sings Schubert

VThis recording is so special for three reasons: The composer, of course. And then the Baritone and his accompanist.

14 years after his first recording, the acclaimed baritone and “most moving singer of the world” (The Telegraph) turns back to ‘Die schöne Müllerin’ together with long-time collaborator and pianist: Gerold Huber.

Die schöne Müllerin has always been seen as the most important lieder cycle because of its full-length narrative dimension based on a popular and rather simple story: a disillusioned love between a miller’s daughter and a young miller’s apprentice.

With this new recording of Die schöne Müllerin including five poems, not set to music by Schubert, Christian Gerhaher turns Schubert’s famous song cycle with new insights and a new approach.

Christian Gerhaher gives insights of his new interpretation in the booklet he wrote especially for this release.

And now, listen for yourself, amd smile!


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