Haydn’s Creative Genius

Composer Joseph Haydn was one amazing man! Think of it: He influenced the music of Mozart.And when Beethoven was a young man, he traveled to Vienna in order to study with Haydn.

Haydn got a job with Prince Esterhazy, and he had a group of musicians at his disposal. He created music for the Prince, amd he was hugely inluencial in the development of both symphonic music and chamber music.

I have been studying Haydn’s six string quartets Opus 20. I am continually astounded by their originality of sound and their great humor and beauty. Some movements in these quartets are like lullabys in their ability to sooth me.

Here is just one of many examples. The Adagio from the Opus 20, number 5. Try to totally listen for 2-3 minutes. You will be rewarded:





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