Lise de la Salle Plays Bach and more

One of my favorite pianists is Lise de la Salle, and let me tell you about her new recording:

She performs the following selections for you:

Bach, J S: Italian Concerto, BWV971

Poulenc: Valse-improvisation sur le nom de Bach

Busoni: Transcription of Bach’s Partita BWV 1004: Chaconne

JRoussel: Prélude et Fugue, Op. 46

Liszt: Fantasia & Fugue on B-A-C-H, S529

Enhco: Chant nocturne

Enhco: Sur la route

Enhco: La question de l’ange

Enhco: L’aube nous verra

A number of composers have paid hommage to Johann Sebastian Bach, often considered the great musical genius of all time.

Preludes and Fugues; transcriptions; or the mu-sical motif made from the letters of his name: these hommages have come in many forms. In the captivating and fascinating program by Lise de la Salle, we find works by Bach himself, Poulenc, Busoni, Roussel and Liszt. And then, like a fresh breath of air from the heart of our current century, interspersed be-tween the works of the masters we find four new pieces commissioned from the pianist Thomas Enhco. The result is an essential, modern recording, an unprecedented journey into the essence of music, in which Lise de la Salle exhibits all her pianistic talent, as well as a profound intellectual knowledge.

Here is Ms de la Salle in music by Saint-Saens:


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