Once Upon a Time

This recording features fairy tales by Robert Schumann and Jörg Widmann, as performed by Jörg Widmann (clarinet), Tabea Zimmermann (viola) and Dénes Várjon (piano)

Robert Schumann found inspiration in the power of fantasy. This program includes his depictions of classic fairy tales in Märchenbilder, the Fantasy Pieces Op. 73, and Märchenerzählungen, as well as a contemporary take on the subject by Jörg Widmann, included in this album as a world premiere recording. The clarinetist and composer is joined by Tabea Zimmermann and Dénes Várjon.

Tabea Zimmermann, Jörg Widmann and Dénes Várjon have known each other for a long time. Since their debut as a trio ensemble in May 2011 at Vienna‘s Konzerthaus, they enjoy playing together on a regular basis. Being highly sought-after soloists who play with the world‘s most reknowned orchestras and conductors, all three share a passion for chamber music, whether as a permanent trio or with other musical partners.

Here is the amazing Tabea Zimmermann playing the Schumann Maerchenbilder:

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