Pletnev Conducts Tchaikovsky’s 6th

Pletnev conducts Tchaikovsky’s 6th

On September 17th, 2009 I reviewed Mikhail Pletnev, the pianist, performing Beethoven’s Piano concerto #5. In this review, I’ll talk about Mr. Pletnev, the conductor, leading a performance of the Tchaikovsky Symphony Number 6.

As a musician who comes from Russia, it is clear to me that Mr. Pletnev must have grown up with this music in his veins. Here is a well-known Tchaikovsky masterpiece, and it is the challenge for the performers to play it with the deep emotion that the composer intended, even though the players may have done this work 100 times previously.

Under Pletnev’s leadership, the music flows beautifully, and the climaxes are very powerful. He brings out all the sadness, tragedy, and pathos in this great symphony. The first movement is full of orchestral drama, and the way Pletnev brings out the climax is simply outstanding. The second movement is very beautifully played as well, with all of its lyrical melodic line. Pletnev then takes the third movement at a very high speed; and, as is often the case, the listener thinks that we are at the end of the composition. Not so… In the fourth and final movement the tragedy and pathos of this great work are beautifully brought to its dramatic conclusion.

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