Lieberson’s Legacy

Lieberson’s Legacy

When a great artist tragically dies, we are fortunate to be left with recordings of the artist’s recitals. This particular Recital, recorded at Ravinia in 2004, features the wonderful, powerful mezzo-soprano Lorraine Hunt Lieberson accompanied by pianist Peter Serkin.

There was a theme to this recital: Songs of love, with selections composed by Brahms, Handel, Debussy, and Mozart, plus encores by Burleigh and Telson.

The musical sensitivity and interpretive art of Ms. Lieberson leave one impressed and sad. We are impressed with her great artistry, phrasing, musical feeling, and technical excellence. We are sad… because we no longer have any more of her art…

Peter Serkin provides the fine accompanying support with his playing. In this music, Ms. Lieberson’s voice grabs you immediately with its warmth and fullness of expression, and in these classical Lieder, we had Lorraine Hunt Lieberson as a fine interpreter who is now gone.

We can enjoy what she left us…

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