Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto

Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto

We have several Music Masters to celebrate on this DVD:

At the core is, of course, W. A. Mozart who composed this masterpiece in 1791 near the end of his short life for the famous clarinetist of the day, Anton Stadler. And… there are the following additional Masters:

A. The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra is – in my view – once of the three most outstanding orchestras in the world today.
B. Leonard Bernstein and the VPO had a long-standing relationship, and Bernstein conducted there many times, especially the compositions of Gustav Mahler.
C. Peter Schmidl, principal clarinetist of the VPO since 1965, is the son and the grandson of former VPO principal clarinetists. Amazing…

This DVD was created from two sets of concerts which Bernstein conducted in Vienna. The Clarinet Concerto, K622, was recorded on 1-2 September 1987; the Mozart Symphony No. 25 in G Minor, K183, was recorded on 1-4 October 1988.

Mr. Schmidl is clearly one of the greatest clarinet players ever. The velvety nature of his tone, the flawless technique and, above all, his fine musical feeling make this performance a joy. I was so struck by the beauty of the slow movement with its great pianissimo legatos. The outer movements are filled with technical audacity, humor, and a feeling of great exhilaration.

Mozart’s Symphony No. 25 in G Minor is given a fine reading by Bernstein and the VPO. Unlike the clarinet concerto, the work is a product of Mozart’s late teens, written in 1773, and it is his first symphony in a minor key. The big first movement is given weight and importance; the Andante brings a welcome relaxation compared to the preceding movement. The Minuet is joyous and graceful even though back in a minor key. The Finale is taken at a less breathless pace than one often hears; and the performance is the more satisfying for that reason.

This is a lovely performance of both compositions.

The DVD Release Date was October 31, 2006;

If you’d like to watch/hear the Andante movement of the Symphony # 25, please click below, and enjoy!

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