Orpheus Ensemble performs Mozart

Orpheus Chamber Ensemble plays Mozart

The Mozart Wind Serenades K.361 and K.375 are two of Mozart’s most outstanding musical creations that exhibit his genius and his artistic greatness.

The members of the Orpheus recreate a wonderful experience from this great score. Their playing is, as always, a model of musicianship, charm, accuracy, and teamwork. There is always the right balance and the right phrasing in line with what I feel was Mozart’s intent.

The two slow movements — labeled Adagio and Romance — are balanced by happy Allegro Molto movements, especially the one that closes the “Gran Partita”. The group shines in the final Allegro with playing of impressive virtuosity and glorious outbursts of fine woodwind sound.

This recording certainly features a great job of technical sound engineering, as well. This allows the marvelous playing to be a memorable experience for the attentive listener.


As a Bonus on this Post, here is a video of the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra performing the opening of the Beethoven Violin Concerto with violin soloist Joshua Bell. Notice the wonderful ensemble playing, and allso the great sound of the Oboes, Bassoons and strings. Enjoy!

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