Zehetmair Performs Paganini

Zehetmair Performs Paganini

Every world-class violinist studies and at some point performs the 24 Caprices of Paganini. There certainly is a record of excellence from the past of Perlman, Milstein, Heifetz and other fiddlers performing this well-known music.

While these are not breathtaking masterpieces such as Beethoven’s Violin Concerto, these pieces have become a “requirement” of sorts for each major artist to master. These compositions are, after all, a compendium of technical difficulties which the violinist must overcome, and also make it sound very easy.

Thomas Zehetmair plays these caprices in an eloquent style, full of strong feeling, and with the greatest rhythmic and musical expression. His extraordinary technical skill is coupled with a fine sense of precision and drama.

From the Artist:

“The Caprices aren’t just studies, or showpieces. They’re improvised character pieces, so full of poetry and fantasy.” – Thomas Zehetmair

And… if you’d like to hear Zehetmair play part of the Sonata #9 for Violin and Piano by Beethoven, please click on the selection below:

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