Mutter Performs!

Mutter Plays Stravinsky

Anne-Sophie Mutter appeared many times in my Blog, because I admire her so much: Amazing musician, impressive technical capabilities, marvelous Pianissimos, and outstanding phrasing. In short, an inspiration!

I like this CD because it presents 20th century composers exclusively. Mutter is especially effective with the Stravinsky concerto. She seems to dominate the combined sound, with a robust, aggressive performance. Mutter presents so much variety and shading in her playing, that she gives added interest to Stravinsky’s score. The Bartok Concerto is also right up there, as a satisfying addition to this interesting recording.

“Sur Le Meme Accord” by Dutilleux was dedicated to Ms. Mutter who seems to be its ideal interpreter. He is not a prolific composer, but produces high quality compositions with a listener-friendly use of modern tonalism. This is a short piece for violin and orchestra that exhibits many of Dutilleux’s impressionistic styles: Colorful, bold and adventurous with a certain restraint, his music belongs firmly in the modern tradition without ever becoming unpleasant to listen to.

This CD is a fine addition to your collection.

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