Uchida’s Schubert!

Uchida’s Schubert

Schubert wrote four Impromptus, Op. 90, and four more, Op. 142. Over the many years that we have had recorded performances, every major artist has added to the list of available performances.

I must have several versions in my own library, including the great Alfred Brendel, but I just love Mitsuko Uchida’s interpretations!

Right from the opening bars of these masterpieces of Schubert, we hear the marvel in which not a single note is left without the most careful and thoughtful attention. This is great pianistic mastery, with fine attention to dynamics, phrasing, lightness of touch, and great satisfaction for the listener.

This is the Schubert I love, as brought to us by Mitsuko Uchida!

Here’s a wonderful example of how Ms. Uchida plays the Impromptu Op. 90 Number 3, in G-Flat.

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