Golijov’s Pasion!

Golijov’s Pasion!

I became familiar with the music of Osvaldo Golijov as a result of being a fan of the St. Lawrence String Quartet; they, in turn, were early champions of his music…

On this CD we have Golijov’s “Pasion Segun San Marcos”. This is a “play” on Bach’s St. Mathew Passion, of course. Golijov’s composition is unique and exotic in that it combines his own multicultural Jewish and Latin roots, yet he extends even further to African and Caribbean native music. This is music that will allow you to connect emotionally and musically; and you will inevitably get drawn into the rhythms that are so earthy and attractive. While one might recollect Bach, the composer created a ‘Pasion’ for Latin America, and he represented modern Latin America’s approach to Christian spirituality.

Osvaldo Golijov’s 85 – minute work features the use of percussion which exhibits a wide array of rhythms including flamenco and rumba. He also uses the Brazilian drums and the accordion alongside music instruments of the European classical tradition.

The music is wonderfully performed here by Reynaldo Gonazalez Fernandez, Samia Ibrahim and Luciana Souza. The Venezuelan choir, Schola Cantorum de Caracas, and the Cantoria Alberto Grau sing with feeling and energy. The Orguesta La Pasion support the different stylistic sources of the music into a coherent and delightful whole.

Here is a brief audio/visual highlight of Golijov’s music:

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