Janine Jansen!

Janine Jansen Plays Beethoven!

There occasions when I hear a performance, as I did today, when I simply react with: “Hey… I like this interpretation!”, and I don’t even feel like anything further needs to be said. I just enjoy the phrasing, the sound, the lyricism, and I also realize that the opposite is also there: Nothing disturbs me! I did not feel that something was done in a distasteful way, or that the accompanying orchestra was either too loud or too soft.

That’s the way it was with my experiencing Janine Jansen today. I just felt: “Hey… here we have yet another young talent to carry on the violin repertoire into the next 50 years! Good!

The performance by Janine Jansen was a nice, crisp, and clear rendition of both concertos. I found it creative to pair the Beethoven from the 1800’s with the Benjamin Britten concerto, completed in 1939. Is there some unwritten law that requires an artist to follow different law of pairing works? I don’t think so…

 Here’s the audio – only of the opening part of the Beethoven violin Concerto:

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