Judith Leclair, Bassoon

Interesting Chamber Music!

We have here an interesting, wonderful union of three instruments:

Judith Leclair (bassoon), Gretchen Van Hoesen (harp), and Jonathan Feldman (piano)

Judith Leclair is the Bassoon principal of the New York Philharmonic; she brings us the virtuosity of several chamber works featuring her instrument. She presents an inspiring performance of virtuoso chamber works featuring the bassoon’s distinctive qualities.

She is joined by two colleagues:

• Pittsburgh Symphony principal harpist Gretchen Van Hoesen
• Chamber pianist Jonathan Feldman

Ms. Leclair offers a collection of late 19th- and 20th-century works:

• Roger Boutry’s modernist Interférences I
• Ludvig Milde’s Andante and Polonaise
• Bernard Andrès’ Chants D’arriere-Saison (“Songs of a Season Past”)
• Camille Saint-Saëns’ magical Sonata
• Reinhold Glière’s irresistible encore “Humoresque”

Judith Leclair and her friends bring us an interesting collection of pieces for this special wind instrument that has been one of my favorites because of the special effects it can produce. I can just hear in my mind right at this moment the Bassoon solos in Beethoven’s Symphony # 6, and Ms. Leclair can play these with her eyes closed…
Here is a hysterical video showing four (count ‘em) bassoonists playing music by Tchaikowsky (Nutcracker). For some reason, it’s so amusing:

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