Burleske by Richard Strauss!

For me, the ability of an artist to express *passion* in the music performed, is a measure of the performer’s true greatness. Yes… what are also needed are musical feeling, phrasing, outstanding technique, and the desire to have the music reach the listener.

When I hear such a performer, particularly if it is a live performance, I remember that performance for a long, long time. I have proven that to myself on many occasions. One such occasion was when I heard Martha Argerich perform the Burleske Op. 11 by Richard Strauss. It turns out that this composition is Strauss’ only work for piano and orchestra, and whenever I hear it, I am hit with its spellbinding beauty.

Ms. Argerich is now in her 60’s. She still appears in occasional music festivals, but her regular concerts are a matter of the past.

Listen to the audio-visual recording of the entire work below: Note that flow of the melodies; note the dynamics, the accents, the drama, and the degree to which Ms. Argerich enjoys her performance. Notice the *smile* that comes to her face, just as another special musical moment is about to unfold… That is the mark of a truly great artist!

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