Digital Concert Hall!

Great Event!

On Saturday, April 17, 2010, at 11 AM, Pacific time, we all have a terrific opportunity to see and listen to a live concert by the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra through the wonders of Global Connectivity! The time in Berlin then will be 9 hours later, or 8 PM

The BPO now has a site where they feature “The Digital Concert Hall”; this allows us to be part of the live audience for a performance, and we can see/hear it right from our own homes. Neat, Huh?

It is very simple to create your own log-on at the BPO site. After that all you have to do is get a ticket: Yea… this is a win for them and for the audience. The BPO is able to gain a huge set of remote listeners who pay a modest amount to be present at the live performance. For the listener, it’s the comfort of not having to move from his/her computer screen. No flight to Berlin, and no long lines to get a ticket.

A ticket costs EURO 9.90; that’s about $13.50

I’m going to listen on April 17th. The program is:

Bach, Piano concerto #1, with Andras Schiff

Haydn: Symphony No. 100

Mozart: Overture to Don Giovanni

Mozart: Piano Concerto #20, K466, with Andras Schiff.

For more program details, click here:

To get your free membership logon, click here:


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