Sharon Kam!

Brahms Clarinet Sonatas! 

I first became familiar with these sonatas with the Viola as the solo instrument, and I loved them immediately. And… the Viola is one of my favorite instruments, because it is capable of achieving such dark, mysterious colors and deep sounds. Later, I found that the clarinet is also well suited to these works.

I became familiar with Sharon Kam, because she was featured as the clarinet solo in an album by Barbara Bonney, in which they collaborate on the Schubert masterpiece, “Der Hirt am Felsen” (The Shepherd on the Rock).

So I was ready to enjoy Ms. Kam’s artistry again. And on this CD, in addition to the 2 sonatas, we also get a recording of the Brahms Trio, with pianist Martin Helmchen, and Gustav Rivinius, Cello. 

I enjoyed all three performances. Ms. Kam shows us that she can achieve wonderful pianissimos on her instrument; her playing is lyrical, with wonderful phrasing, and showing great sensitivity. Martin Helmchen supports the atmosphere of these compositions with fine, sensitive, and lyrical playing, as well. 

This is a great CD for a time when you’re ready to have Brahms take you into Nature and allow you to dream and rest. 

Here is Sharon Kam, playing some of the Mozart Clarinet Concerto:

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