The Korean War was a dark chapter in US history. Yet the world changed greatly since then, and we need to honor men and women who lost their lives or were otherwise impacted by the times of the war.

Composer Robert W. Smith wanted to honor his father’s memory; so he composed the musical work “Inchon” to capture some of Smith’s feelings about the times. Smith is an educator and composer, who has published countless works for winds, percussion and Band that have been performed by University, high school, and middle school bands in the US, Europe, Australia, South America, and Asia. 

This music is filled with the huge diversity of emotion that war brings about in the world: Suffering, death, and yet also healing…

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“Warner Bros. Publications Released “Inchon”: New Composition by Robert W. Smith Honors His Father and Other Korean Conflict Heroes. ”

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And here’s an extract of the music:

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