Piano Fun!!!

Stage Presence!!!

OK: Some’s got it, and some don’t… I’m talking about Charisma and stage presence…

Pianist Lang Lang’s got it!!

When he recently appeared in a concert with conductor Christoph Eschenbach, and it came time for a possible encore, Lang Lang came out with an Apple iPad! An iPad??????

Yep… it seems that among the thousands of apps for the iPad, there’s a keyboard app, and sure enough, Lang Lang knew that this would go over really big in Silicon Valley, and elsewhere, given most people’s ecitement about new technology…

You guessed it: the audience ate it up! And Lang Lang enjoyed playing his encore on the iPad, and asked conductor Eschenbach to join in he fun.

See the video extract of Lang Lang playing “Flight of the Bumblebee”. Sure… he could have done it on the piano, which was standing idly by his side. But… technology triumphed, and the old Bumblebee was played on the iPad! Hooray!!!

Perhaps we’ll be told that this is spam; it sure was fun, though!!! Click below to witness this technology marvel:

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