Schubert’s Chamber Music!!

Schubert’s Chamber Music!

I heard this CD yesterday for the first time. It was issued in January, 2010. The Balcea Quartet, with Valentin Erben performs some of the most sublime of Schubert’s chamber music, including:

  • Schubert’s Quartet # 14 in D-Minor (Death and the Maiden)
  • Schubert’s Quartet # 15 in G-Major
  • Schubert’s Quintet for Strings

What I enjoyed particularly about these performances was the drama that the performers were able to achieve. There was also great sonority at a matching level between all instruments, making for organ-like effects which I enjoyed.

The # 15 was very moving in the slow movement, where the violin solos were very beautiful. I also liked the joy and strong instrumental balance of the 3rd movement, and the dance-like rhythms and pianissimos of the final movement.

Click here for an interesting review of other performances of the Balcea Quartet: 

Below is an extract of the Balcea playing the great C-Major String Quintet by Franz Schubert:

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