Sarah Nemtanu!

Violinist Sarah Nemtanu entertains us with diverse selections on this CD, with the support of several other string instrument soloists, plus piano and percussion instruments.

‘Gypsic’ is the very first recording of violinist Sarah Nemtanu who includes a definite touch of Balkanese and oriental feelings to classical masterpieces by Ravel and Enesco.

As such, this is a very ‘gypsy-like’ recording which uses a mixture of tonal and rhythmic variety. There were likely lots of challenges to produce this album, such as reworking the Blues from Maurice Ravel’s Violin Sonata, and come up with a blend of jazz and the traditional music of Ethiopian Azmari minstrels. The resulting sound is quite unique.

Some of the selections that Ms. Nemtanu plays are:

  • Czárdás (A Hungarian Gypsy dance)
  • Tzigane (for violin and luthéal)
  • Violin Sonata No. 3 in A minor on popular Roman themes… (op.25: “Moderato malinconico”)
  • Airs Bohémiens
  • Blues (from Violin Sonata)

I particularly enjoyed the native Gypsy rhythms which quite easily invite the listener to get out of the chair and dance!

Click HERE… and you’ll be taken to another screen where you can select and hear 9 different tracks from this recording.


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