Salzburg Festival!

2009 Salzburg Festival!

The Salzburg Festival, for many years regarded as the world’s most renowned music festival, is by tradition a high-profile event for which tickets are really hard to get without good “connections” and lots of $$.

The 2009 Salzburg Festival opening concert with the Wiener Philharmoniker under Nikolaus Harnoncourt honored the conductor on his 80th birthday, and the concert program was an homage to the Viennese dance.

The program, as recorded on this DVD included the following:


         • German Dances
         • Symphony No. 9 in C-Major (The Great)

Josef Strauss:

             o Frauenherz-Polka Op. 166
             o Delirien Waltz, Op. 212
             o Pele-Mele _Polka, Op. 161

Here is a video of Nikolaus Harnoncourt’s conducting  Johann Strauss’ overture to the Operetta Die Fledermaus… Enjoy the wonderful charm of this music! Note the slight tempo changes and retards that he takes to produce the dance-like feeling of this music!


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